Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trans Canada Trail

The rain behind me - .Petit Temis Trail - Quebec, Canada.

I just completed 5 days of riding on dirt, fully loaded - tour divide
style (without the elevation gain.) It was an amazing adventure and for
that reason alone I am going ahead with Tour Divide plans!
But it was a lot slower than I thought it would be, hard to maintain more
than a 12mph average with speeds around 6mph on the rougher stuff. (note- computer was mis-calibrated)
riding flat for me is tough as climbing though I need to do more loaded
climbing to work out kinks and mabe shed some pounds.
It was a stunning trip - very beautiful. I rode 84 miles from Moretown
crossed the border in Beebbe Plains and got right on a little rail
trail... had to do a little go around Lake Massawippi but then right on
the Route Vert - off road almost entirely to Quebec City... then about a
hundred on road/bike lane up the St Lawrence to Riviere du Loup,
then up over the watershed on the Petit Temis Trail - pretty cool - right
into NewBrnswick where the trail kind ended. After 25 miles of
pavement I founda fourwheeler track that I rode 70 miles along the st john
river to woodstock NB (where I-95 ends in Maine) where I now must get on
bus to be with family. about 600 miles ? in two half days and three ful
days of riding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
would be great training pulling trailer with child(ren)
photos to follow
so technical questions:
bivy vs tent ... i used tent to organize and pack and mosquito fre map

how do you dry stuff if you are racing? Never had this issue hiking.

food turned out not to be a big deal every gas station here has good
yogurht and egg salad sandwiches

giardia - I used to fork mounted water bottles but they got so much road
dirt on them... camel backs take more time and fuss to deal with but seem
to stay cleaner. I used a uv light to sterilize questionabe water.

packing - took me four days to get it right on the bike - but takes so
much time in the morning to sort through - re-organize and to get
evrything on the bike!

Rohloff idea made a lot of sense here too as last 70 miles was very wet...
chain was in constant need of lube and why not with that lower derailleur
pulley just inches off the ground. I am thinking hammerschimdt my self.
(note: went with Alfine)

My chain needs 30 min wiorth of maintenance - really should pull the cogs
and empty the bb. pedals are trashed to - no more Crank bros for me! had
to buy onesided wellgo brand at gunshop/snowmachine/chainsaw/oh bikes too
goto go.... at this crazy hostel in new brunswick

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