Sunday, March 07, 2010

Letter of Intent - Tour Divide

I did it - I wrote my letter of intent - no turning back now, have to stay in one piece between now and June - July really.  It took me a while because whenever I thought about what to write all that came up was the poem "Uphill" by Christina Rossetti :


Does the road wind up-hill all the way?
Yes, to the very end.
Will the day’s journey take the whole long day?
From morn to night, my friend.

But is there for the night a resting-place?
A roof for when the slow dark hours begin.
May not the darkness hide it from my face?
You cannot miss that inn.

Shall I meet other wayfarers at night?
Those who have gone before.
Then must I knock, or call when just in sight?
They will not keep you standing at that door.

Shall I find comfort, travel-sore and weak?
Of labor you shall find the sum.
Will there be beds for me and all who seek?
Yea, beds for all who come.

Christina Rossetti was obviously a cyclist.

With this letter* I state my intent to be at the start in Banff on June 11 and some days later stand on the podium** in Antelope Wells New Mexico being congratulated by the TD podium girls***.  It has been a long time goal for me to ride my bike across**** the USA.   Although I have never touched a wheel to the backbone of North America, I have been training a bit here in Vermont and hope I can translate this to success in the West.  I plan to finish strong and finish happy.   I am looking forward to seeing some snow capped peaks, tumbleweeds, ghost towns, cacti, and sitting under the stars at night frying up jackalopes in a large cast iron skillet.    I have scoped out the competition and this year looks like the year of 100% success rate - so count me in!  I am looking forward to racing with you all.*****

David Tremblay
Moretown, Vermont USA

* Actually it was with the purchase of the non-refundable plane ticket that I stated my intent.
**The podium for people named "David" and if necessary the sub category of those from Vermont.
*** Provided my daughters pick me up at the finish.
****The vertical north to south version will do.
***** Even if it is for the first 5-10 minutes of the race.