Thursday, April 01, 2010

the perfect bike for the Great Divide

                                   Great Divide Dave!

I saw this bike outside the Salvation Army in SE Portland.  I didn't know Magna made a Great Divide model. I couldn't believe this one had the Dave vanity plate to boot!  What Karma!  I tried to meet Dave - but no luck.  I will have to acquire my own Great Divide bike.  Perhaps I will suggest to Matt Lee that Magna sponsor the Tour Divide and we all ride this model bike - like a One Design race.

I puttered around Portland a bit - but no other riding for an entire week now.  I did run some - ran 1:15 out of town here in Spokane to get to a restaurant - ate then ran/walked back to the hotel.  Interesting running on a FULL stomach of Indian food.

Got my first taste of what the Great Divide might look like on the Ag Facility tour in the Palouse and the Scab Lands of SE Washington.  Saw pivot ag and sage brush and tumbleweed and long off mountains, slow long climbs.  I was trying to figure out how far off the near horizon was - 30 or 40 miles?  I then ended up at the Continental Divide dinner table with the inspectors from New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Montana ( Salish - Kootenai Tribes near Flathead Lake) - Colorado was across the room. We had a grand old time - it will be tough to pass up fun times like these and keep on racing! 

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dave said...

Nice find! Unfortunately, the bike seems to be a Target "economy" model. Though with the TD start list up to 41, perhaps name plates would be a good idea. Go Team Dave!