Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm training for TD really

                                                            Raynor Road, Roxbury, Vermont

I am sooo far behind.  Reminds me of some of my classic late shows at bike races.  Galloping Gears in Randolph Vt - what a course!  I remember one year starting 3 fields back with the women... that was fun ... actually did ok.   But I gotta get on the ball here.  A bunch of last minute equipment changes ( nothing as drastic as DaveB tho!) waiting for my tarp/shelter to show up, just got my Selle Anatomica replaced by the factory,  still need to print up cues, load corrected gpx, dial in the packing of everything... thus the lack of blog entries and also the lack of google stalking all the newly added racers to the list:  Sorry to my two blog followers and "way to go" to everyone who can train and blog! Love reading that stuff.

I used my Steripen this weekend after I drank 4 liters of water climbing Braintree gap at 93'F.  Wasn't it snowing last week? I got a global weirding sun burn to boot.  So far no tapeworms - but who knows - it must take a while to grow to 4 feet.  Giardiosis takes 7-10 days to appear.

The whole process was a lab accident waiting to happen.  Dirt on the bottle tops - dirty hands... I rinsed everything with stream water then uv lighted the hell out of it.  Not as friendly as your aqua mira bottle sterilizing technique.  I keep thinking of all the mico bio and chemistry behind it... the water physically sticking to the bottle - etc.  The whole thing is a literal crap shoot!

So while DaveB was off on the tourist cruise of the Central Vermont Bike Tour - I was doing a four gap ride of:
Moretown Mt
deep down in to Devil's Washbowl
Raynor Gap
Braintree Gap
Middlebury Gap

53.11 mi (19.08 mi uphill, 21.70 mi downhill, 12.26 mi flat)
6081 ft total ascent (6910 ft descent) - 9.0 %  uphill grade, 8.9 %  downhill grade

0:04:57 pace (12.0 mph average speed, 48.5 mph max speed)
31.693 difficulty, 130.378 effort

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Anonymous said...

ha, I have been hard at work at this TDR stuff for almost a yr and am now doing the same stuff you are, my last min check list is still about 30 items long--& I seem to keep adding to it

come 9:00am on June 11th we can all relax!!!!!!!