Sunday, February 27, 2011

Type Two Fun epilogue


Dave and I learned in Banff he had a pretty big blog following... and I'm sure many people - like me were waiting to read his post race blog analysis.  Sadly this was not to happen.  There weren't many things that got past Dave....or surprised him ... so it was fun to be there during this realization.  He asked me if I thought it was ok that his last blog entry was so personal ( and not so much about bike racing) ...I told him that its that kind of stuff that keeps us reading ....  He laughed and hit the publish button.

It has been some time since I've blogged... but now I have just finished the all-time-Dave B favorite: the Canadian Ski Marathon.  Highly recommended  to add to your event list if you want to try an ultra endurance event in a sport besides cycling.  I would have gone to the event this winter with Dave and because of that I gave in to an invitation from Geoff Wade a lot easier than common sense should have allowed.   (I have not classic skied since high school)  But I was glad I did and the event was everything Dave B had built it up top be.  Sad he wasn't there to get his 5th gold and permanent bib.

We now have several new candidates to take Dave B's spot on our fleche team: Geoff and Akhil are two.   I was telling Akhil about one of my all-time favorite events: the D2R2 when he asked me a question I never could answer for myself..."why not do the ride whenever you want?  Yes - the bike does give you the freedom to hop on and ride wherever at what ever speed you can handle.  Like my ride to Canada two years ago:  I just got on my bike and started riding with no idea how far I'd go.   It's another PBP year and I'm more excited about our fleche team than the famous 1200k in France!

Matt Lee warned me that I would gradually lose my interest in racing Tour Divide again.  I know better than to challenge Matt Lee at something he knows so well.  Then I got a visit from a 2012 TD racer: Will. I knew he had been bitten by the TD bug... but sometimes it is hard to tell what kind of bite you've got.  Some are web only, some excuses to buy new equipment, and others are the real thing.  It was a cold February day with snow on the ground and this guy was out doing a gap/ century ride.  I hardly recognized him with a full beard and 30 pounds lighter than when I saw him last fall.  But I did recognize what was driving him, inspiring him, fueling this mad ride when all other bikers were safely inside on their rollers.

It's this blog, it's Dave's blog; it's prowling in the wilderness, sticking something in your crystal head that makes you change your plans in life, something learned during the shared experience of an epic ride or an epic ski - good and bad - the surprises of nature are always better with friends.

Type 2 Fun epilogue
From Dave Blumenthal's race notes

Day 1 
June 11

Huge crowd @ start. SO  eager
DT + I made our peace.
                                                   Fog in the mountains.  Fresh snow from a couple of days ago.  Feel good but a little fuzzy in the head from light sleep for 2 weeks.  Among others for first 2 + hours, then after a .1 mile wrong turn, alone.  So many prairie dogs on the Dorien Rd. So much bear poop.  Bike path in campground really nice.  Got water at recently opened bathroom. Others caught up by taking road – OK w/ Matthew Lee. Slow climb up to Elk Pass – power line less lovely.  Descent muddy and slow.  Loooong road.  Focused on pizza.

Day 1B

Passed Aiden who had a tire separated from bead.  Finally got to Elkford @ 6:25pm.  Stopped for 20min. once, otherwise just a minute for pix.  Ordered pizza at Kapps.  Called home – Lexi impressed with my speed.  Called MTB Cast, ate large pizza, packed some.  Drank Kokanee Beer – yum! Left @ 7:30
Long pavement climb. Then great dirt bomber downhills. Found lovely Fording River camp site just before route turned to pavement.  In bag 10 pm. Still daylight.  Super day. Eager to sleep.

"making our peace."

spectacular first day!


bmike said...

glad to see you writing again...

Groundshine said...

Thanks for reading Mike... not a lot of traffic here - except for people looking for the Landlord Tax Form I posted!

I'll never be the blogger Dave B was (or you are!) but I thought Dave's notes were pretty cool and some people might be interested in reading them...

bmike said...

hoping you post more. and hope to see you out at our local events this season... totally impressed with you finishing the TD. eying 2012, and wil b. has me working as a training partner. lots of work to do, as you know. when a rider as strong as yourself, which i likely will never be, says its a daily ass kicking, i take notice.

60 weeks to go.
you should write more.

James Curtis said...

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