Sunday, January 03, 2010

Mr Lamb ride

Six gaps in one 222km day.
Moretown 1590 ft
Rochester 2109 ft
Brandon    2170 ft
Middlebury 2144 ft
Lincoln        2410 ft
App Gap     2365 ft
total: 12,000 feet?

plus the un-named:
Northfield Gulf
Granville Gulf
Baby Gap

I just got a nice note from Don Nolte about the 2009 MR LAMB ride. It was a fun day - the politics/business part of the ride soured things for me and kinda tainted the memory of what was a really cool thing to do. It was great to raise a chunk of money for the PTN and the Safe Routes to School program at Moretown Elementary. But when our project was delayed and nasty letters to the editor written... I threw up my hands and thought "why bother?" But hearing from Don made me look at the photos and re-think the whole thing. The Bolgers did a great job supporting the ride and the after party at Randy's house was excellent - especially with the deput of the Red Hen Pizza!  MR LAMB 2010 anybody?

Start at Moretown Elementary School

Rochester Gap (aka Bethel Gap) 2109 ft

                                                                       Brandon Gap

Middlebury Gap

Lincoln Gap

Appalachian Gap

Red Hen Pizza!

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