Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of January snow bike ride

Randy and I went for a little loop - conditions are perfect right now for cycling - anywhere! We did a little single track on Grandma's trails then cut across Erica Dow's fields to the Duxbury VAST trail. Snow not deep enough for snow machine, x-c skiing or snowshoeing but we saw tracks of all three of these. Went down the brook by Harwood where I crashed into a block of ice in a stream crossing then across Rt 100 to the Church o t C. One then Vast behind Simplicity Farm to Small DOg then Pony Farm back to Moreotwn. The climb home was as hard as it has ever been for me! Randy rode his Rawlands with 650b Pacenti's and I took my SS Litespeed with custome ice spikes. No mechanicals no flats. The gear was a bit high - the same gear I raced VT50 with in 5:15 - pretty tough with the slow tires and breaking throw the crust. Strange randy seemed to float on the surface more than me.

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