Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ole's 7 km ski map

The 10 km open at Ole's (really 7 km)

I guess the reason why I could do 10km in 45 min so easily was that it was really only 7 km that I was skiing.  I got suspicious when I did this entire loop in 30 min (including two ski dismounts and avoiding a couple of bare spots) 

It was nice to get to Ole's with the sun shining!  But it didn't last long...  days still short here.

Latest Tour Divide racer:
Christian Vedder
41 years old
This guy probably serious contender.
raced in Portland, OR short track MTB in '08 (maybe that's a strike against him)
Also finished about a third of the way back in the 40+ category in TransRockies '08
won Grand Columbian  (Oregon) Ironman tri in 2004    11:10  That is a big effort in race mode.
His LOI is short but to the point: "I need to suffer. I'm in!!" At least he's not likely to talk your ear off....
Is this Christian Vedder?  Looks vaguely familiar........

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