Wednesday, December 23, 2009

skiing off steam

Edgecomb Field at dusk. 17'F - usual wind at Ole's, 1" new snow.

Today was supposed to be the office Christmas lunch but I had to go out on an Accepted Ag Practices complaint. I see why Doug always takes this week off. Probably the worst reaction to bad news I've ever delivered. Just bad timing, after the summers milk "prices" and being two days before Christmas. But the neighbor HAD to complain now - anonymously. Pure anger, pure frustration. But after some talking - I was there a couple hours, and some family came in, and the dogs, we worked things out. Equipment malfunction really. If the neighbor had just asked directly - maybe coulda lent a hand.

So - I needed a ski after work. I am loving skiing these days. I find it a lot like mt biking - cruising through the woods with no cars bugging you. But of course it was late and of course I didn't have my head lamp. Good balance training to ski in the dark. Wish I was a better skier but already getting more skill this year. 6th ski of the season - not bad.

New LOI for TD 2010:

Stephen Huddle
Cincinnati, OH
Looks like he's coming back for a second try. Did about 80 miles a day before pulling out on day 10 in Lima. Interesting blog. Longest race before 2009 was less than 35 miles! Quite jump to 2700 miles and he almost pulled it off. definite contender now for 2010.
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