Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tour Divide or Tour Denied?

Asked the big boss about taking time off to race the Tour Divide.  He said it was a lot of time at a busy time of year... isn't looking good for me.  He said he would have to present the idea "upstairs."    Damn ...  I know I can meet my quota's and have Doug cover emergencies.  Chance of there being a radiological dirty bomb in Vermont those 4 weeks are about as likely as me setting a new record for the Tour Divide.  And if I did that I would only need 2 1/2 weeks off anyway!  22 years of working every deer season, every sugaring season, every winter spreading ban first week, every January thaw.. and don't forget the army worm invasion!

I guess I should start shopping around for another event.... suggestions?


Marshal said...

so, in or out or not sure??


peidave said...

Not sure at this point. I have the vacation time saved up but it is now a matter of being allowed to take it all at once.

Should know for sure in two weeks or so.

Possible I could get a different 4 weeks off when everyone isn't planting corn. Then do TD as an ITT or try to find other people who would want to ride it at another time heck maybe even run it south to north!

Need luck, karma and good vibes all at once here.