Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Equinox - Tour Divide LOI day one!

Last lap at Ole's- north end of the runway, 14'F with 30knot gusts - actually pretty nice with freshly waxed skate skis.

Days start getting longer now. Pressure on to train! Today is the day Tour Divide accepts Letters Of Intent. (LOI)

Three riders are on the list...with no statements! Who are they?  I will Google-stalk them and try to determine if they are contenders or posers.

2010 Start List
Kyle Paladini

12th place in a Florida mt bike race... Under 23?

Stanley Riffle
I Stanley Riffle do here by give my letter of intention. I intend to train for a long, long, long ride. I intend to adjust my diet of snackcakes and soda, to less snackcakes and soda. I intend to test all my light weight gear before I leave. I intend to reach my inner child and remember how I love to see what's around the next corner and over that hill. I intend to tell my wife...soon.

Confirmed!  This is THE Stanley Riffle:
He is in it for the adventure - Go Stanley!

Gili Torovezky Springfield, NJ
My name is Gili Torovezky, 42 years old from Springfield, NJ. I’m avid Mountain Biker and adventurer in my soul. So why do I want to participate in the great divide race? Well, I can find 1000 reasons why not, but there are at least equally reasons why I should do it: Passionate about mountain biking, passionate about the outdoors, passionate about pushing the envelope and aim high - nothing is impossible. My romance with biking and outdoors started back in Israel when I celebrated my Bar Mitzva with brand new road Fuji red bike my dad brought home from Japan. Shortly after I moved to New York in 1999, a friend introduced me to mtn biking and there when I got totally hooked. There is something special about mtn bike that is unparallel to any other sport: the fast moving pace, the adrenalin, the changing landscape, and mental and technical challenge that pushes you to excel every time. Ever since then I been racing in adventure racing (got first place in the co-ed group in 2007), XTerra triathlons, local X-Country races in NY area, I volunteer once a month to clean, build and improve trails in South Mountain reservation NJ to allow opening the park for MTN bikers. See South Mtn. Conservancy Group. Last but not least, on May 29th 2009 my dad passed away and I want ride for him.
In all, the great divide race is brings together all the things that I love to do: biking, navigation, the great outdoors and life time experience. I hope you will consider my enrollment positively and accept me to 2010 race.
Thank You,
Gili Torovezky"

He does trail work - that counts for a five minute head start!

David Tremblay - what do I look like with a google "bike+david+tremblay" ?
hasn't raced in 13 years! That is an old one! Interesting to see that I was beat by Peter Guyer. - all the other usual suspects are there: Jon Rowe, Jon and David Lamb, Brian Moody, Steve Wright, Brian Lyster and Troy Michaud - all still beating me 13 years later! Interesting to see Whitney Kaulbach racing as an Expert woman: I now live in her house! She has since married Olympic skier Marc Gilbertson. (who has also beat me in many a race.) Really people should look at the one and only race I did this year: scroll way down to the Single Speeders - wow! first place! actually - kinda lousy time if I think about it - well I felt good but look who beat me on geared bikes and by how much - Lyle Gilbert, Stephen Wright, Ben Silberfarb (13 yrs later - I still haven't met the guy - he now lives in the next town over!) What does this mean - I better come up with something interesting in my LOI less someone decides to gooogle me for more info!

Dave Blumenthal - and what does google give us for my neighbor Dave? His awesome linkn'd page and the fearsome  This guy is serious!  TD racers - you want to know what this guy is made of?  Read it and weep:  He is a manimal.
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