Friday, December 04, 2009

Off to Paris! Here's the Paris-Brest-Paris web site. Dear family, friends, neighbors, associates, and others; This August I will travel to France to participate in Paris-Brest-Paris. Check out the link for more info... it is the oldest bicycle "race" in the world - held every four years. It starts outside of Paris, goes 600k to Brest and then back to Paris. An utra-cycling marathon of 1200k ( 746 miles) that must be completed in 90 hours or less. This will be my first trip to Paris. As many of you who know me - I hate being a tourist. I will be wearing a jersey that says "Ne se dispute pas je, je suis local." ( Don't hassle me, I'm local) In order to get the most out of this trip I'm am reaching out to you, my worldly knowledgeable friends, for any thing French: tips on food, places to see, free couches to sleep on, catchy phrases, - anything to make me an immediate citizen of France. Or - if you are one of my un-worldly friends - I can try to fulfill you requests by bringing you back a souvenir of something French, a part for a Renault, or a photo of the basement of the Eiffel Tower or anything else you've always been curious about. thanks for your input, David.
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